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The Kids

We have consolidated all the old picture pages that didn't get lost in The Great Server Crash of 2005. The chronology works like this:

bulletThe Kids Page (2006 - present) YOU ARE HERE
bulletShimmy's Page (2003 - 2004)
bulletNetanel's Page (2000 - 2003)

Lila doesn't have her own picture page because our host's server crashed badly in late 2005, and the site backup we had on our own PCs was from late 2004. We switched hosts, and we still have all the photos stored on the PC (and backup DVDs), but we're not rebuilding the lost web pages, sorry.

Akiva doesn't have his own picture page because he's a fourth child. Let's face it: any pictures of him are liable to have two or three of his siblings in the shot, too.

Update 4/13/10

Update 2/10/10

Try to get all four of them in one picture without goofy expressions on one of them (eg., Lila):

Lila is a little girl. She loves pink clothing, princesses, and monsters. This photo just covers the first two (and popsicles):

Update 6/1/09

Purim 2009

Update 2/27/09


Update 12/31/08

Update 11/21/08

Update 9/2/08

Semi-formal family pic: , Informal kids pic:

Lounging around: , Bathing beauty: , Padawan learners:

Update 8/28/08

Avi and Lila sing opera:

Greengart family visiting Grandma:

Four approaches to eating a popsicle:

Laundry day:

Update 6/5/08

Akiva got a hold of my BlackBerry Curve. I took a picture of him with the Nokia N95. Then he grabbed that, so I pulled out a Sony Ericsson W890i. I love how intently he checks his email:


Update 1/21/08

The whole crew:


Channukah 2007. The boys got Crazy Bones; Avi was in Europe that night so the photo was taken/sent to document the joy that $4 of plastic can bring (Tani took the picture of Leah and Lila):

And finally, a short video that's pretty funny (.MP4, taken in October '07 with a prototype of Nokia's N82): Hopscotch in a JC Penney store

Update 9/10/07

Update 6/5/07: His name is Akiva Kalev

Avi's Bris speech is posted here

May 29, 2007 - It's a boy!

The traditional Star Wars toy shot:

Family visits

New babies give presents!

Avi in Charge (of our days and our nights...)

Lila makes a mess of the M&M's (breakfast yogurt mix-ins)

November 2006

Lila's First Steps Videos

(Note: these are 10 MB MPEG-4 files; click on them only if you have a broadband Internet connection. These were recorded with Nokia N93 camcorderphone on 10/31/06)

bulletLila's First Steps, I
bulletLila's First Steps, II

Photos (click on the thumbnails for full sized pictures)

Padawan Lila

Free Weight Lila, and Free Weight Shimmy

Lila will steal anyone's "dadi" (blanket. In this case, Shimmy's)

Why Tani is often late for the bus in the morning

October 2006 (click on the thumbnails for full sized pictures)

(note: last pic is 3MB)

June 2006 (click on the thumbnails for full sized pictures)

For the first time in several years, we went on vacation at the end of June (in Groton/Mystic, CT during the week, with the Sabbath at family in MA). To prove this actually happened, we stopped off at a mall and had a casual family portrait taken:


When you have a girl, you try out different hairstyles:


Shimmy doesn't accessorize his hair, but does try to match his popsicle to his outfit:

Lila and cousin Devorah: Stylin'!

Tani's 6th Birthday party (note the Lego theme Lego cake):

The boys usually just share a room:

January 2006

The whole family: Daddy's Girl:   The boys:

Want more pics? Hope you have broadband. We have consolidated all the old picture pages that didn't get lost in The Great Server Crash of 2005.

bulletShimmy's Page (2003 - 2004)
bulletNetanel's Page (2000 - 2003)
bulletThere were no pictures taken before Tani was born. Yes, we had a camera. We just never used it.