Avi Greengart is the Research Director for Consumer Devices at Current Analysis (Mobile Phones, Connected Devices, and Digital Home). He also regularly writes for Slashgear, sporadically blogs at Home Theater View and Tweets far too often as @greengartAvi's expertise lies in understanding consumer electronics marketing, consumer behavior, and technology adoption patterns: where new technologies meet the mass market. 

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Most Saturday nights, the Greengart Theater is open (we usually make home-made pizza, too, but cannot guarantee this).  RSVP is required within an hour or so after Shabbos.  During the winter, showtime is between 8 and 8:30 PM (after Netanel goes to sleep and before Leah starts falling asleep).  During the summer, the Greengart Theater sometimes moves to a Sunday night schedule, so call ahead.

In addition to the Permanent Collection, we rent DVDs from Netflix.com. We've never done a good job of keeping this info updated, so I'm not going to try (I'm sure Netflix has some sort of widget we could insert here. That's not happening either).

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