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In addition to the professional photograph (OK, we took him to Sears) on the previous page, we've tried Photoworks.com, which develops your film and scans the pics in for you.

Here's "Netanel, ready for bed":

netanel 5 mo - big.jpg (92358 bytes)

"Boys in Undershirts, Jeans, and Socks - 1 of 2"

(Note: In real life, Avi's eyes are greenish, and Avi's hair is medium brownish-red. Netanel's eyes are blue, and Netanel's hair is dark black.)

boys in jeans and undershirts.jpg (52529 bytes)

"Boys in Undershirts, Jeans, and Socks - 2 of 2"

boys in undershirts.jpg (45683 bytes)