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Netanel's Page

Netanel started talking before he walked (at around a year old), and only stopped talking when he learned to read. Voraciously. At age 5. For complete update information, subscribe to the Greengart Update email at family@greengart.com. Available by "sponsorship" only.*

2003 Summer Vacation Photos

August In Cape Cod (Adina's cute!)

At the Beach: Sand

At the Beach: Water

At the Hyannis Carousel (Netanel doesn't look like he's having a great time, but he refused to get off)

At the Hyannis Amusement Area: Netanel learns to play Skeeball and "drives" various vehicles


In Newton with Ray, Nancy, their fascinating stereo equipment (like father, like son?), and Aunt Rose

Liberty Science Center.  Not shown, the highlight of the trip: escalators.  Next time, we take him to the mall.

Post 9/11 Lower Manhattan Skyline, viewed from LSC deck:

The Liberty Science Center Toy Exhibit:

Aunt Batya's visit (...and our new game: "Netanel is fun to sit on!")

Avi, Leah, and Netanel take Netanel's "New York Bubby" (Avi's grandmother) out for pizza

Trip to NY Aquarium; playing on the floor with the new digital camera

Gwen's Last Day (Tani had an orange ice pop...)

10/02 - Yes, they do make Redskins clothing for toddlers; outside the DC area you have to buy it on eBay.

10/02 - Uncle Eli's & Aunt Laya's Aufruf (pre-wedding weekend)

At the Park with cousins Meira, Yitzi, and Yehudis

Netanel's school was closed the day before Rosh HaShana, and Leah was working, so, with apologies to "Friends," we had Tani and Abba's Day Of FUN!  We went to the carousel ("that was fun!"), the zoo ("and that was fun!"), the choo-choo train ("and that was fun!"), and the ice cream store ([hushed conspiratorial whisper] "that was a lot of fun!").

Netanel loved the ducks, and a spirited exchange of "Duck season!" "Wabbit season!" ensued (here at Acme, Inc., we believe it's never too early to teach your children The Classics).  Afterwards, Netanel asked me where the wabbits were.  He now strongly believes that all ducks live in zoos, and all rabbits live in our backyard.

June 2002 (2 Years old) Cousin Joey's Bar Mitvah is scary at first, but Netanel soon warms up.

January 2002 (20-21 months old)

No wonder my father likes these - they're fun! (Note: they have since been moved to a higher shelf)
1. The hands, the hands are going to get you!
2. (The hands got him)
1. Look, Mommy - I can feed myself!
2. Look, Mommy - I can feed my shirt!
3. Look, Mommy - I can feed the floor!
Avi takes over Netanel's truck tent thingie  
I don't care if you do call them "tomatoes," these little balls are fun to play with!
Special Pre-Purim preview! (We're going elephant this year).

Channukah 2001 (19 months old)

What we learn from these pictures:

bulletNetanel likes his Abba, but LOVES his uncle Benjy!
bulletNetanel likes looking at airplane toys, but actually riding in them is not so great.


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Family Portrait, Toddler-hood (15 - 16 months old)

| | | |

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Hanging out 12 - 14 months old

In the Living Room | In the high chair | With the Amusement Park |
While Reading | With a Bath Toy

Netanel's 1st Birthday Party: place settings | the cake | presentation of the cake | Netanel eating cake | opening presents | more presents | Tower of Baby-el

Three bonus pics! "Gimme Five!" | Happy PJ Boy | Happy PJ Boy2

Netanel 9 months old / Purim pics

Leah has a cow | Herd of cows | Cow grazing | Cow grazing happily | Happy naked baby | SuperBaby | Maestro Baby | Upside down boy | Ticklish

Netanel (7 1/2 months old) & family pics

7andahalfsm1.jpg (5994 bytes) 7andahalfsm2.jpg (6415 bytes) 7andahalfsm3.jpg (6580 bytes)
7andahalfsm4.jpg (5409 bytes) 7andahalfsm5.jpg (6672 bytes) 7andahalfsm6.jpg (7079 bytes)

CLICK HERE for larger versions of Netanel at 7 months, with silly captions (may load slowly)

netanel 7 mo exersaucer phone cord rattle - sm.jpg (7337 bytes) netanel 7 mo chair and bear - sm.jpg (5279 bytes) netanel 7 mo playing on chair - sm.jpg (6153 bytes) netanel 7 mo happy on chair - sm.jpg (6459 bytes)
netanel 7 mo eating chanukkah presents - sm.jpg (6588 bytes) netanel 7 mo playing with wrapping paper - sm.jpg (6518 bytes) netanel 7 mo in crib - sm.jpg (7212 bytes)  

CLICK HERE for larger versions of Netanel at 6 months, with silly captions (may load slowly)

netanel 6 mo big chair with cups toy - sm.jpg (6612 bytes) netanel 6 mo fingers in mouth - sm.jpg (4900 bytes) netanel 6 mo naked fingers in mouth - sm.jpg (5158 bytes) netanel 6 mo naked headphones - sm.jpg (5442 bytes)

CLICK HERE for larger versions of Netanel at 5 months (may load slowly)

netanel 5 mo - sm.jpg (7944 bytes) boys in jeans and undershirts - sm.jpg (6530 bytes) boys in undershirts - sm.jpg (5662 bytes)

netanel 5 mo sears.jpg (6918 bytes)

Vital Info

This information isn’t really vital, it’s more of an executive summary.


Name: Netanel (Nathaniel) Zvi Greengart. "Netanel" in Hebrew means, "God gave" or 'gift from God,' which might sound corny if we didn't literally believe it.  Zvi was the Hebrew name of Avi's grandfather, a friendly, good man who made an honest living working in a bakery. "Z" also happens to be a very cool middle initial.


How big at birth: 6 lbs, 2.6 oz., 19 1/4” long. They took down his hat size, too, but that’s definitely not vital unless you plan on buying him a hat. I don’t remember what his hat size was, actually, but you’ll have to get a really small hat. Appropriate logos for the hat are “Redskins,” “Red Sox,” “Intel Inside,” “My First Sony,” or “My First Star Wars.” NOTE: Netanel DOES now have a Red Sox outfit, a Redskins windbreaker, a Redskins coat, and a "hat with Nike swoosh on it just like Abba."


When born: 2:01 PM Friday, May 19, 2000.


Where/How born: Hackensack University Medical Center, by emergency C-section, through the timely and skilled intervention of Dr. Alvarez, with ultimate credit due to God .