Avi Greengart is the Research Director for Consumer Devices at Current Analysis (Mobile Phones, Connected Devices, and Digital Home). He also regularly writes for Slashgear, sporadically blogs at Home Theater View and Tweets far too often as @greengartAvi's expertise lies in understanding consumer electronics marketing, consumer behavior, and technology adoption patterns: where new technologies meet the mass market. 

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What's New (updated 02/10/10)

2/10/10 - new kids pics on the Kids Page.

6/1/09 - new kids pics on the Kids Page.

2/27/09 - new kids pics on the Kids Page.

12/31/08 - new kids pics on the Kids Page. Updated the Theater Specs page, too.


Much Older Updates:

6/5/07 - The baby had a bris, and gets a name: Akiva Kalev. Avi's Bris speech is posted here

5/29/07 - It's a boy! Leah and baby are healthy, Thank God. Pics will be posted here shortly.

3/11/07 - Purim 2007: Cellphone Shalach Manot



On the TeaneckShuls/Spreadsheets page: For the first time in three years, my Teaneck Wireless Coverage spreadsheet has been updated with all-new information - and a clear winner for best coverage. Yes, you can finally get reception inside Glatt Express!


Also on the TeaneckShuls/Spreadsheets page:My TechTalk 2 presentation for the Beth Aaron Men's Club is now available in PowerPoint form


Some new pics added to The Kids page.


New Spotlight added to the Home page

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