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Batya and Chaim's Instant Wedding Album

Batya Greengart and Chaim Preiser got married on June 28, 2004 at the Hunt's Club Marriott somewhere northwest of Baltimore.  All pics you see here have been cropped, edited, color corrected, and formatted for quick viewing over the web.  Larger, higher resolution versions are available for prints.  As this is Greengart.com and Greengarts or Friedmans took the pics here when I didn't have the camera (usually the out of focus shots), there are more pics of Batya and the Greengart side of things than the Preisers.  Unfortunately, Preiser.com is already taken by a online catalog for laboratories, so it's unlikely we'll be seeing a Preiser-centric Instant Wedding Album up there soon.  Too bad, because I thought the Preisers were pretty nice.

The Blushing Bride

Variations on Shimmy and Tani (hey, they're my kids, I took a lot of pictures)


Greengart Family shots




Batya and...

Chaim and...

Here Comes the Bride ...To Sit Down For A While

The Chuppah

Everything Else

The Aftermath (Leah Spolter benching, Meira ...not, and Shimmy discovers the hotel room has a remote control)