Avi Greengart is the Research Director for Consumer Devices at Current Analysis (Mobile Phones, Connected Devices, and Digital Home). He also regularly writes for Slashgear, sporadically blogs at Home Theater View and Tweets far too often as @greengartAvi's expertise lies in understanding consumer electronics marketing, consumer behavior, and technology adoption patterns: where new technologies meet the mass market. 



About Greengart.com

A Short History of Greengart.com


Ancient History

Back at the turn of the millennium, Avi was a Senior Marketing Manager at Intel.  Great company, but the product line he was working on was rather dull (no offense to the computer telephony industry, but let's be honest -- voice mail is what it is).  Avi launched Greengart.com in 2001 to promote his consumer electronics expertise.  After leaving Intel in 2002, he briefly offered consumer electronics marketing services; the almost weekly AskAvi columns posted then were a way of demonstrating subject knowledge -- a "free sample." 


Less Ancient History

That quickly turned into a full time position as an Analyst (and later, Senior Analyst) for JupiterResearch, where he was the lead wireless analyst.  While at Jupiter, Avi also launched the industry's first Home Theater research coverage area.


In the fall of 2004, Avi left JupiterResearch and joined Current Analysis as the Principal Analyst for Mobile Devices.  


In October 2004, Avi launched Home Theater View (http://www.hometheaterview.com), a home theater blog containing news, analysis, and product reviews for home theater and digital entertainment. Avi was planning to continue writing for Secrets of Home Theater Magazine, but hasn't actually submitted anything to be published in a long, long time. Avi is a semi-regular contributor to Jeremy Toeman's LiveDigitally blog and still posts the occasional product review here on Greengart.com.


In late 2007 Avi was promoted to Research Director, Mobile Devices at Current Analysis. In addition to mobile device analysis, he also heads a team gathering data on U.S. handset pricing, availability, and features.


Members of the press are encouraged to contact Avi for quotes and commentary. Please note that Avi is based in the New York/New Jersey area and is available for meetings and briefings in Manhattan.


And Now We Peer Into THE FUTURE

Everything converges and gets smaller and more connected.  But moon colonies and flying cars are still Tomorrowland exhibits at EPCOT Center.

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July 2008