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Shimon Raphael's Page

Born 12/30/02 11:30 am, 6 lbs 8 oz, 20 1/2" long.

Shimmy was named, in accordance with Jewish custom, at his circumcision, which took place on 1/6/02.  The name "Shimon" is after Leah's grandfather Cantor Simon Kandler; the name Raphael is after Avi's grandfather Rabbi Hyman Raphael Friedman.  Here is the transcript of Avi's speech about the name.

There is a huge gap between the pictures here and on the main kids page because our server crashed, and we had to switch hosts. Do we still have all the old pics? Sure we do. On a hard drive somewhere. Will we post them all? No.

Summer/Fall 2004

How Avi tests handsets for Current Analysis:

Shimmy, 14 months old, musical GENIUS  (March 2004)

Click on Shimmy for a high resolution version from a Fuji F700 (a digital camera, but with a camcorder-quality video mode) 4 MB .AVI file

Click here for low res version for dial-up users; note - due to some weirdness in Roxio VideoWave, the sound is off by a half second towards the end. 400K .WMV

Shimmy laughs (and laughs) as Tani runs around entertaining him. (October, 2003)

Low resolution MPEG file (from our digital camera, not the camcorder) 2MB file download

  Netanel sings to Star Wars toys video (March or April 2003)

I should probably edit this down further, but I haven't yet.  So if you've got a broadband connection (or dialup and a lot of time on your hands), enjoy. It's 5 minutes of Netanel singing with Star Wars toys and hamming it up for the video camera.

Streaming Windows Media File, 6.7MB total, 150Kbps.


New Pics 2-16-03

Pics 2-13-03


Baby Boy Greengart Instant Photo Album

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Day 0

Day 1

Day 2 & 3

Day 8 (The Bris)


The guests

The Family