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Greengart  CookiePhone User Guide


Cellphone is dairy, non-Cholov Yisrael, thanks to the M&M buttons.

Note: Phone models vary. If yours has a lot of M&M buttons, you got a smartphone!

We also made a single cookie iPhone, but while it looks great, itís only a half-baked prototype for now.



Bubble wrap (meringue) is parve, but the dairy cookie is sitting right on it, so youíre probably better off not eating it with a juicy hamburger.



SIM card (mint) is dairy, non Cholov-Yisrael. If you use Verizon Wireless or Sprint, you donít need a SIM card Ė pretend itís a microSD memory card instead.

Power supply (raisin box and licorice) is Parve. Though thatís sitting awfully close to the cookie, so maybe you should just consider that dairy too.