Avi Greengart is the Research Director for Consumer Devices at Current Analysis (Mobile Phones, Connected Devices, and Digital Home). He also regularly writes for Slashgear, sporadically blogs at Home Theater View and Tweets far too often as @greengartAvi's expertise lies in understanding consumer electronics marketing, consumer behavior, and technology adoption patterns: where new technologies meet the mass market. 

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Current Analysis clients have access to reports and competitive assessments on mobile devices through the Current Analysis Consumer Portal, which also includes pricing, availability, features, and trending data on nearly every handset in the U.S. market. Current Analysis no longer offers journalists free accounts, but I am authorized to send any report you need for a story - just let me know.

12/19/11 - My Last Minute, Non-Obvious Holiday Gift Guide for 2011 went up at Slashgear over the weekend. I've also filled out my full Slashgear column history below.


@greengart - one of these days I'll get this site off an ancient version of FrontPage and add a "latest tweets" column. Not today.

Slashgear Columns

bullet12/19/11 - Last Minute Non-Obvious Holiday Gift Guide 2011
bullet11/14/11 - Why Are Mobile Device Ads So Bad?
bullet9/21/11 - Apple Fall 2011: Worst Case Scenario (for Apple's Competitors)
bullet9/18/11- Apple Fall 2011: Best Case Scenario
bullet8/3/11 - The Smartphone 70%
bullet6/19/11 - Why Do Good Companies Make Bad Products, Part II
bullet5/18/11 - Why Do Good Companies Make Bad Products, Part I
bullet4/3/11 - Smartphone Screens: How Big is Too Big?
bullet3/5/11 - Why It's So Hard to Compete with the iPad
bullet2/7/11 - Verizon Wireless' iPhone: I Was Wrong. Here's Why
bullet12/21/10 - Last Minute, Non-Obvious Holiday Gift Guide for 2010
bullet11/21/10 - Google vs. Apple: Why 2014 Will Not Be Like 1984
bullet10/3/10 - Apple vs. Adobe - What Are the Real Issues?
bullet8/25/10 - Nokia's Featurephone Problem
bullet8/9/10 - Competing in a Heated Android Market
bullet6/25/10 - Nintendo v. Apple
bullet5/27/10 - GoogleTV: Good Idea, Poor Initial Execution
bullet4/29/10 - Microsoft's KIN and the Emergence of Tiered Featurephone Data Plans
bullet4/1/10 - Leaving Las Vegas, a CTIA Travelogue
bullet2/21/10 - Mobile OS Madness in Barcelona
bullet2/1/10 - Defending the iPad
bullet12/31/09 - Best Products of 2009
bullet11/27/09 - Should Nokia Abandon Symbian S60 for maemo Linux?
bullet10/19/09 - When Will Verizon Wireless Get the iPhone?

RCR Wireless "Analyst Angle"

As part of a rotating group of analyst contributors I was asked to write a column for RCR Wireless. An index of my 2007 columns can be found here. I was also asked back for a one-off at the end of 2010: Analyst Angle: What to expect when you’re expecting consumer devices in the year 2011, December 29, 2010

Public* Product Reviews

*Public = here and on blogs I write for; Current Analysis clients have access to hundreds of my reports and competitive product assessments

bullet10/25/09 - HomeTheaterView: Logitech Harmony 900 (first look)
bullet9/14/09 - HomeTheaterView: Monster Turbine Headphones
bullet12/18/08 - LiveDigitally: Last Minute, Mostly Non-Obvious Holiday Gift Guide… For A Bad Economy
bullet7/8/08 - HomeTheaterView: Monoprice 4.2 HDMI Switch
bullet6/5/08 - LiveDigitally: iPhone Case Roundup
bullet6/4/08 - Here on Greengart.com: Logitech VX Nano travel mouse
bullet5/29/08 - HomeTheaterView: Axiom Audio Audiobytes and EPZero Subwoofer
bullet5/26/08 - HomeTheaterView: mStation 2.1 Stereo Tower
bullet3/11/08 - HomeTheaterView: Accell 4x2 HDMI Switch
bullet12/22/07 - LiveDigitally: Last Minute Mostly Non-Obvious Tech Holiday Gift Guide for 2007. The Non-Obvious Last Minute 2006 Holiday Gift Guide is still available online, too.
bullet11/15/07 - HomeTheaterView: XtremeMac HDMI Switch
bullet9/10/07 - Here on Greengart.com: PLANon DocuPen RC800 Portable Scanner (part of the DocuPen Executive Pack)

Current Analysis Spotlights (2005 - 2007)

Most of my reports on mobile devices are for Current Analysis clients only; however, Current Analysis Spotlights was a report format that was free for all from 2005 - 2007. An Index to my Spotlight reports can be found here.

AskAvi Columns (2001 - 2004)

I spent most of the 1990's in marketing and product management; while I was still at Intel I began writing weekly columns on consumer electronics. Those AskAvi columns are archived here.

Current Analysis Spotlights are copyright Current Analysis, Inc. and are reprinted with permission. All submissions to Greengart.com become the property of Greengart.com. For AskAvi submissions, Greengart.com retains all copyrights to both the questions and answers - don't send us anything you intend to copyright or patent. Not all submissions will be answered.


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